Olive oil



Thallon is an early harvest olive oil of high quality, with rich and fruity flavor from unripe green olives of the Hondrolia variety, which is cultivated mainly in Halkidiki. It is a natural olive juice, from fresh and healthy early harvest olives. Due to its high content of polyphenols, has gained a health claim.

Olive oil


Olive Oil Liokladi

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Liokladi is a cold pressed olive Oil, which preserves all nutrients and at the same time its golden color. Its’ soft taste and delicate aroma makes it irreplaceable in your daily diet. The goal of our company is to create quality certified products addressed to the modern consumer. Our Little Liocladi Gold, was awarded a Bronze Medal at the International Competition London — 100c in 2016.

Olive Oil​ You Can Trust

Zafiriou olives


Zafiriou Olives an olive tree of the Greek land, which has been a symbol of peace and victory since ancient times. Its fruits with high nutritional value are necessary for every Greek and now on every table of the world. Zafiriou Olives is located in the lush olive groves of Simadra in Halkidiki. Thanks to the experience of three generations and the direct processing of the fruit and the modern equipment, our division allows to produce superior quality olives. Consistency in the processing and responsible customer service have made Zafiriou Olives one of the fastest growing companies in the field. Because olives to us means life and health.

About us

Godelivbio after many years and after a great passion and love for the olive tree, achieved the dream to offer the highest quality olives and oil from one end of the earth to the other. Its high nutritional value, but also rich taste make it the number one indispensable product on every table. And it’s for this reason that we actively trade organic olives and oils both domestically and internationally.